Start helping clients heal from compulsive exercise with these 3 steps you can use in your practice right now!

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By following this 3 Step Process you will learn:

  • About your client's relationship with exercise

  • Gain a better understanding of how to help them improve their relationship with exercise

  • Help your client's see the effects their relationship with exercise is having on their eating disorder recovery ... and ultimately their life!

  • Help your clients use movement as a helpful resource in their path to recovery

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About the Author, Amy Gardner

Amy combines over twenty years of clinical experience as a registered dietitian and personal recovery experience with her psychology, mindfulness and yoga training to help her clients move into full recovery.

She trains other clinicians how to use the iMove® Method in their own work.  She offers a certification program to become a Certified Embodied Exercise Practitioner.

This guide offers you the beginning steps to help you heal your clients' relationship with compulsive exercise.

Amy is the author of the book, ‘iMove®, Helping Your Clients Heal from Compulsive Exercise’ and the owner of Metrowest Nutrition, LLC, a multi-disciplinary group practice where she supervises 14 other clinicians. 

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