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Compulsive exercise interferes with the ability to have fulfilling relationships and a meaningful life. iMove provides a clear roadmap you can use to break free from disordered exercise patterns and finally feel at home in your.

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I definitely felt a softening towards my body and an increased respect for it.  I think I understanding and appreciating [my body's] responses to the trauma it has experienced/survived gave me more respect and patience for it.  I don't want to cause [my body] more harm or more hurt....."

— iMove Participant

"I just want to say how much I am really enjoying this group.  It is helping me a lot.  It is also really comforting/validating for me and my compulsive exercise/ED [eating disorder] parts to be in a room with lovely people who have such similar parts." 

 SP, iMove Participant

“Thank you so much for running this group.  It has been an amazing and impactful experience that I feel has filled in some gaps that have existed in my ED [eating disorder] treatment.  I have learned a lot about how I experience my body and have brought many takeaways to my therapy sessions.  I look forward to continuing."


- MM, iMove Participant

I loved the exploration of what comes up in stillness, yoga and medication and the exploration of sensory input"


- iMove Participant


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The Creator of iMove

Amy Gardner, MS, CEDRD, RYT

Amy Gardner combines over twenty years of clinical experience as a registered dietitian and personal recovery experience with her psychology, mindfulness and yoga training to help her clients move into full recovery. Owner of Metrowest Nutrition, LLC, a multi-disciplinary group practice where she supervises 14 other clinicians and author of the book, ‘iMove, Helping Your Clients Heal from Compulsive Exercise’, Amy trains other clinicians how to use the iMove method in their own work.