The iMoveĀ®

Method with Amy Gardner

Your roadmap to helping your clients heal from compulsive exercise and finding an embodied, joyful relationship with movement and their bodies.

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Compulsive exercise interferes with the ability to have fulfilling relationships and a meaningful life. The iMoveĀ® program provides a clear roadmap you can use with clients to help them break free from disordered exercise patterns and finally feel at home in their bodies.


There are two ways you can learn the iMoveĀ® Method...

iMove Training and Certification with Amy Gardner

Training & Certification


This program offers practitioners training to work with your clients and help them heal from compulsive exercise along with certification to run your own iMoveĀ® groups.


More about Certification ...

Self-Guided Training


Move out of a compulsive exercise pattern for yourself, or your clients, so you can break free from disordered exercise patterns to finally feel at home in your body.


Learning on your own...

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Ā After reading this book, you will feel competent in your ability to help clients presenting with compulsive exercise. This is a resource all eating disorder clinicians need in their library. Learn the iMoveĀ® method and guide your clients out ofĀ disordered exercise behaviors!

The book is included with our two training programs, or you can purchase a copy for yourself on Amazon.

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