Break Free From Compulsive Exercise To Finally Feel At Home In Your Body!

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Compulsive Exercise can hold you back from recovery and enjoying life...

But for many people, it can be a challenge to stop.

You deserve to live your life free of the need to exercise and life with joy! Especially when it comes to your relationship with movement!

Move out of a compulsive exercise pattern - for yourself or your clients, so you can break free from disordered exercise patterns to finally feel at home in your body.

Identify compulsive exercise patterns and how to overcome them

Understand medical risks that accompany compulsive exercise


Develop a stronger MIND-BODY relationship with exercise and your body

GET STARTED NOW with the iMove Method Self-Guided Training.

This is the Intuitive Eating and Mindful Eating Method but for Movement!

Amy Gardner, a certified eating disorder dietitian, licensed dietitian/nutritionist, and yoga teacher with over twenty years of experience will show you how to move out of a compulsive exercise pattern - for yourself or your clients.

Pulling from her own experience with compulsive exercise and from her work with many clients, Amy's training teaches you how to:


  • Identify compulsive exercise patterns and how to overcome them
  • Understand the medical risks that accompany compulsive exercise
  • Figure out why it’s so hard to stop compulsively exercising
  • Explore your relationship with exercise 
  • Experiment with movement that fosters a stronger mind-body connection
  • Guide you into a more integrated experience with exercise and your body

You CAN heal and enjoy a life with freedom from compulsive exercise.

Here’s how to get started ...

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Embrace feeling at peace in your body.

iMove™ Method Self-Guided Training


Your registration includes:

  • Over 20 hours of training and added reading, podcasts and practice.
  • One Private 30-minute check-in call with Amy
  • iMove™ Book  
  • iMove™ Workbook to use as your own
  • Resources, Handouts, and worksheets to support you on your journey.
  • 25 CPEs
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imove method training
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imove method training testimonial

Who is this program ideal for? 

  • This training is ideal for folks looking to heal from compulsive exercise and want some easy to follow steps to help you make this happen in your life. 
  • If you are ready to do some self- reflection and learn more about your relationship with exercise, this training will help you on this new path. 
  • Practitioners who want to incorporate iMove Method principles into their work with current individual clients (NOT run groups, market selves as "certified" and create an additional revenue stream for their practice.)
  • Practitioners who currently work with or are interested in working with individuals with eating disorders and are looking for a deeper understanding of compulsive exercise and some basic strategies to help move them towards recovery.
  • Clinicians looking to learn more about the iMove™ Method to use for themselves . 


Who is this training not for:

  • This is not a program for clients to heal their relationship with food or for clinicians and yoga teachers/ movement therapists with extensive training in somatic work and trauma.
  • Clients/ patients, clinicians with no prior training in eating disorders (early/mid-career is ideal for clinicians).

  • Yoga teachers or movement professionals with extensive training in somatic work/trauma (You would find it repetitive)

  • People looking for a quick fix to stop compulsive exercise. This program takes you through a process where you learn new habits and skills that you practice to develop so that they become second nature for you. It is not a band aid solution or magic button that will change everything overnight. 

  • Clinicians looking to use the exact materials and lessons with your clients. This version is for personal use only. You can book a call with Amy to discover if our iMove™ Method Training and Certification program is what you need to help you bring this program into your practice as a Certified Embodied Exercise Practitioner.

Not sure this is the right program for you?

 Book a call with Amy to talk about the program and your options to make sure it is the right fit for you based on where you are in your recovery journey.

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You can also start by ordering the iMove Book from Amazon.

Explore if the principles and lessons are something you want deeper guidance on before you invest in the self-guided training.