About the Creator

Amy Gardner, MS, CEDRD, RYT

Amy Gardner combines over twenty years of clinical experience as a registered dietitian and personal recovery experience with her psychology, mindfulness and yoga training to help her clients move into full recovery.

She is the owner of Metrowest Nutrition, LLC, a multi-disciplinary group practice where she supervises 14 other clinicians. 

Amy is the author of the book, ‘iMove®, Helping Your Clients Heal from Compulsive Exercise’, Amy trains other clinicians how to use the iMove® Method in their own work.  She offers a certification program to become a Certified Embodied Exercise Practitioner.

The iMove® Training & Certification program offers you the Tools You Need To Help Your Clients Heal Their Relationship with Movement. 

This 12 week training program offers you tools, systems, and  clear roadmap you can use with clients to help them break free from disordered exercise patterns and finally feel at home in their bodies. The program includes additional resources to you to help you navigate helping your client heal their relationship with exercise.

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