Certified iMove® Practitioners

Welcome to our directory of Certified iMove® Practitioners. Find a Certified Practitioner who offers iMove® Method groups within their practice.

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Kali Eastin

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)

Kalioke Movement Lounge Burlington, IA

Trauma Informed Yoga and Movement Classes


Description of Services

Kali is a trauma informed yoga instructor specializing in somatic practices intended to establish safety in the body. She is the owner of Kalioke Movement Lounge, creator of the (Re) Connect series and committed to offering fat-positive, HAES (health at every size) aligned movement classes that assist clients in getting reconnected with themselves and their bodies.





Camilla Blanton

Lead Registered Dietian at Equip RD, LD

Camilla ThymeCorona, CA



Description of Services

Camilla is a passionate non-diet dietitian who believes in rebuilding and repairing your relationship with food & body. She works virtually with clients to help them regain trust in the body and ultimately reframe your relationship with food & movement.


"The iMove program provides such a beautiful roadmap to help clients reconnect to and ignite a new way to explore movement."


Molly Dyer

Licensed Therapist - LCPC, LMHC, QS

Tidal Creek Counseling, Ponte Vedra Florida/ Maine

Attune and Embody


Description of Services

Molly Dyer is a private practice owner, eating disorder therapist and supervisor in the state of Florida, specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and compulsive exercise. 

Tidal Creek Counseling offers iMove Groups  called "Attune and Embody"- a polyvagal informed, cognitive behavioral group offering education, mindfulness and movement in moving towards a life free from compulsive exercise. Groups are offered virtually in Florida and Maine and in-person in Florida.

Sandi James 

Psychologist, PsyD, MEd, CEDC

Sandi James Psychology   Queensland, AU

Surf Therapy



Description of Services

Sandi is a registered psychologist, ED Recovery Coach, and Credentialed ED Clincian with more than 12 years experience. She works with somatic and experiential therapies. Sandi runs surf therapy programs for persons identifying as female, with one group specifically for people in eating disorder recovery who are in the over-40 age group. Group based interventions for compulusive exercise and exercise avoidance are also offered. Sandi comes with the experience and resources to help you walk the path through difficulty and into a solution. As a clinician with lived experience, she brings with her a passion and dedication to support and guide you on this journey.

"The iMove program is the best I have found for working with complusive exercise or exercise avoidance"




Katelyn Castro

Registered Dietitian, MS, RD

Metrowest Nutrition and Therapy   

Framingham, MA 


Description of Services

In a culture with many negative messages about nutrition and health, Katelyn is passionate about helping individuals build a more positive, intuitive, and sustainable relationship with food and their bodies.  Katelyn embraces the nuances of nutrition and the complexities of health, utilizing an individualized, science-based, compassionate approach. With a focus on one’s strengths and resiliency, she empowers individuals to build eating patterns and health practices aligned with their unique goals and values.


"Understanding the neurobiology of compulsive exercise, sensory integration, and mindfulness-based practices has allowed me to walk alongside patients as they develop a deeper and intuitive relationship with movement and their bodies."




Brandy Walker

CCI-Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

Recover You, LLC

Fort Worth, TX



Description of Services

Brandy is a Carolyn Costin Institute certified recovery coach who focuses on helping clients with behavior change and taking actionable steps to achieve and sustain recovery from an eating disorder/ disordered eating. With her most recent iMove certification, she also helps clients with harm reduction around compulsive exercise. As an adjunct to a client's treatment team, Brandy works in the "here and now" helping clients to implement new coping skills while building on their individual personality traits.

"The iMove certification has further helped me learn and experience the power and ability that exists within us all to heal. The skills learned [in iMove] stretch beyond movement and exercise and are applicable to many areas...  I feel more confident in helping clients  embrace embodiment."


Taylor Lechner

Registered Dietitian,  MFN, RD, LD

LK Nutrition, Columbus, OH

Exercise Freedom Program


Description of Services

Taylor is the co-founder of LK Nutrition LLC in Ohio. She has experience working with clients struggling with eating disorders in multiple levels of care including PHP, IOP and OP. LK Nutrition offers 1:1 nutrition counseling and nutrition deep dives as well as online courses for those in eating disorder recovery. In addition to counseling clients, Taylor has a passion for educating professionals. She creates and leads online courses teaching dietitians and students how to effectively work with eating disorders and is an adjunct professor at Bowling Green State University.