Resources for Recovery-Minded, Inclusive Movement

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recovery-minded and inclusive-movement resources

Recovery-Minded and inclusive movement resources to share with your clients.

If you work with clients with eating disorders, you know how hard it can be to find recovery-aligned exercise spaces. Here is a list of resources I have compiled for you to share as a resource for your clients.


A no cost online platform focused on joyful movement for all bodies, offering adiverse representation of every type of body: “Joyn is the leading platform for body-neutral movement. No judgment, no diet talk, no BS, no cost.”

Kalioke Movement Lounge

Kalie Eastin is an eating disorder and trauma-informed, certified iMove practitioner and yoga teacher in Iowa offering in person and virtual individual yoga/therapeutic movement.

More To Love Yoga

Through her own path to body acceptance, Rachel Estapa created a space for individuals of all sizes to access yoga with a specific focus on accessibility to those in larger bodies.

Petey’s PT

Body liberating, weight-inclusive, empowering personal training and group classes located in Somerville, MA. Virtual personal training is also available.

Project Love Run

A Canadian-based running collective for self-identified women seeking a safe space to connect with others and their own minds and bodies. They run, have brunch, share in discussion about their relationship to running, diet culture, etc with guest speakers often joining. The program is growing and there are opportunities to create chapters in other areas.

The Studio by Jamie Kinkeade

Recovered fitness instructor, Jamie, is committed to creating at-home, empowering movement classes and creating community through movement. Her motto is “connection over perfection”.

HAES-Aligned Personal Trainer and Registered Dietitian

Jessi Haggerty is a HAES-aligned eating disorder informed personal trainer and RD who offers individual and group trainings.

Sarah Ball Yoga

Sarah is a social worker and trauma sensitive yoga teacher in Australia who operates from a weight-inclusive, social justice paradigm. Virtual workshops and classes are available.

Yoga4ED Community

Free and low-cost virtual yoga classes and community for those in recovery, with access to a Facebook group.

The Zestful Space

Zabrini Motwani is a HAES-aligned personal trainer based in Denver , providing both in-person and virtual body-neutral fitness & strength training.

Recovered Running Coach

Montana DePasquale is a former D1 runner recovered from eating disorder who helps those in recovery return to running in a way that centers their recovery.

Therapeutic Exercise Alliance for Movement in Eating Disorders

Network of Eating Disorders informed and sensitive fitness and rehabilitation professionals to help individuals heal their relationship with body movement and sport; during their recovery process; and demonstrate how to collaboratively work with the rest of the eating disorder interdisciplinary treatment team.

Oula, Cardio Catharsis

Focusing on how the movement feels rather than how the body looks, they offer a variety of fun cardio-inspired classes in a non-judgmental space.

Dianne Bondy Yoga

Inclusive yoga offerings for all bodies.

iMove with Amy

Virtual yoga, breathing, meditation and movement practices aligned with the iMove Method.


This list is certainly not exhaustive. If you happen to know of another resource that would be good to add to this list, please reach out to share it so I can make sure to include it!


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