Compulsive Exercisers Crave Proprioceptive Input Aug 11, 2023


Individuals who exercise compulsively often crave proprioceptive input.

Exercise provides the proprioceptive input individuals are seeking when they turn to exercise.  This is one thing that perpetuates the compulsive pattern. ...

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Harm Reduction Strategies for Compulsive Exercisers Jun 23, 2023


Harm reduction strategies to use with clients who can't stop exercising.

Many individuals who struggle with compulsive exercise have complex trauma history.  Connection to the body doesn’t feel safe and intense exercise is an...

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What Type of Yoga Should I Recommend to my Clients? Feb 02, 2023

Unless you’re a yogi, or even if you are, the various types of yoga out there may elude you.

I was in this place, myself for a long time.  The first time I realized there were different types of yoga was while I was working at a health...

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