What Type of Yoga Should I Recommend to my Clients?

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what type of yoga

Unless you’re a yogi, or even if you are, the various types of yoga out there may elude you.

I was in this place, myself for a long time.  The first time I realized there were different types of yoga was while I was working at a health club in my early twenties.  Little did I know then that there were even more than the three types we offered. 

You don’t need to know the ins and outs of the history of yoga and all its variations. 

However, if you are recommending clients try yoga as part of their eating disorder recovery practice, it’s useful to know what types to recommend.

Below is a helpful resource from my book that classifies modern types of yoga into four categories based on their qualities and energy demands.  

As the colors indicate, the red categories tend to be more energizing, rigorous styles.

I want to add an important note that I DO NOT recommend Bikram for anyone and particularly for those in eating disorder treatment.  This particular style is known to lead to dehydration and injury and has received a great deal of criticism in the yoga community. 

However, if a client is set on that style, I would encourage you to explore this with curiosity to understand what it is they like about it - it could be very illuminating in your work!

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